Diehard Dog Hater

I fucking hate dogs.

(From dogbreedinfo.com)
Insane Dog!

They are one of the most annoying and loathsome creatures and I despise them deeply.  Why ?  (Throughout this post, by dogs I mean domesticated dogs)

– Dogs are loud and noisy – The goddamn barking ! Loud ! eardrum splitting, ball-bustingly loud. And persistent. Why do they do that ? I have no freaking idea – its traumatising.

– Dogs kill: Stray dogs have killed and eaten little children  Yeah, you rabid dog lovers – read this BBC Report.

– Finally, whats the point ! – Why keep dogs at home ? As pets ? You are making life hell for yourself, for others and for the damn dog itself:

Read this from Peter Bright – the founder of Quiet Tasmania – an anti  barking, anti noise website.

“The selfish and reckless determination of many owners to keep domestic dogs under circumstances which are entirely unnatural to a creature congenitally programmed to free-range has been allowed by default to become an uncontrolled plague causing almost universal distress to man and dog to such a disruptive extent that while consequent human suffering is increasing exponentially millions of these cruelly victimised creatures are now being euthanised annually …”

Some of my um.. radical solutions..

1) Cook’em’up : Eat dogs. Yeah, let’s all get some help from our Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese brethren on some tasty dog recipes. The idea appalls you ? Yeah cute rabbit can be part of haute causine, but not ugly dogs. Go figure.

2) Convert dogs to working animals: Most dogs seem goddamn lazy to me. Make them work for a change. We already have a successful example. For Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and other small dogs incapable of physical labor see point 1 above.