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Welcome to the Wiki.

I am using this Wiki for notes that I have taken on various topics (mostly Computer Science/Software Engineering courseware - University & otherwise).

Lots of Java stuff, notes taken while preparing for the Oracle Java Certification Exam Category:OCPJP
Concurrent and Real time Programming in Java (from classes at UoY) Category:RealtimeJava
Requirement Engineering (from classes taken at the University of York) Category:REQE
Software Architecture (from classes at UoY) Category:SYAR
User Centered Design (from classes at UoY) User_Centred_Design
Object Oriented Design (from classes at UoY) Category:OODE
MS Thesis Structure PRMS_Report
Databases (Notes from Stanford's excellent Introduction to Databases free MOOC) Databases
Web Application Architectures (Notes from UNM's Web App MOOC on Coursera) Web_Application_Architectures