Fanatical Support

Of all the corporate slogans that I’ve heard of, I really like the one this company called Rackspace has. It’s called “Backed by Fanatical Support”. Whilst it is not the most clever sounding, with amusing puns etc, the statement is solid and reassuring without being drab or filled with meaningless inanities that so often make slogans.

The level of technical support can make or mar one’s experience with technology products. Technology is wonderful when it works well,but can be extremely frustrating when it does not.  Technology (like women) can be very whimsical. At such times, it is extremely relieving when someone calm, collected and knowledgeable,  hand holds you and gets you through.

Entire companies make their fortunes just through support – point in case, the whole enterprise open source model. Take a free product,  learn it well enough, slice, dice and package it smartly, and charge for committed levels of support.  e.g. Red Hat through Linux.

That’s why I think slogan “Fanatical Support” makes sense, and not only just technology companies, but if every business believes in it,  the world will be a better place.