Always bargain

Here’s a tip that I got from my dad which has proved to be successful many times. Whenever you shop for something and you’re about to pay, ask the seller for a discount. It’s surprising that how many sellers are willing to offer one and how many buyers don’t bother asking.  I’ve saved quite a bit over the years just by asking for discounts.  Here are some tips.  Firstly, don’t demand a discount, ask for one politely. For instance you can start by asking simply “Is there a discount on this item ? “. If the answer is no,  try again by mentioning a season – “What’s the Diwali/New Year discount ?” .  A classic follow up question is to mention that the item in question is available for cheaper elsewhere. Just make up a place and say that you’ve heard is cheaper there.  Another alternative is to play the emotional angle – “Don’t you want me to shop at your place again ? Don’t you want me to refer my friends to your place ? “.  Try these approaches and you will be surprised. I’ve tried it on everything – shoes, clothes, books, spectacles, helmets.  This works on services as well not just products. Don’t ever take anyone’s quote at face value – persist and you’ll save !

You might be thinking – what a cheapskate ! But you know what every seller has a huge margin, so you’re getting ripped off anyway.  Getting something off the price just makes it feel a little better. Don’t feel bad in asking, after all the seller doesn’t feel bad in quoting a price he likes.

Happy bargaining!