Annoying ICICI Prudential Man

You must have seen the ICICI Prudential “Jeete Raho” ad. You couldnt have missed it. Even if you live under a rock and crawl out once in ten years. Well, the ad is incredibly cheesy, with a little brat, a kinda pretty but irritating wife, but the most annoying character is the husband. I hate the goddamn guy, not only the character, but if I met the actor in real life I would probably blow him up with a Panzerschreck. Why ? For starters, he has this goddamn smug look. Second, he has big nostrils. I cant pin it down, but something about big nostrils is inherently off-putting. An uncle of mine has big nostrils too and I hate him as well. I seriously recommend people with big nostrils to get plastic surgery.  Look at the video and judge for yourselves:

Anyway, back to the ICICI man, he’s also in another ICICI Prudential ad where incredibly, he manages to look even more stupid, by sporting a hair patch under the lip and spouting further smug inanities. ICICI Prudential has probably lost a million new cutomers because of these ads. Seriously guys, do the world a good deed by taking these ads off.