Musical Talent ? Crap.

There is an insanely large number of musical talent shows on Indian TV Channels. Every time I flip channels on the remote, every other channel has some kind of talent search bullshit going on. Most of them are related to unearthing the next great kid singer. The format is instantly recognizable :

  • A wide eyed little brat dressed in some garish costume – ( I saw a kid wearing a shiny silver suit once !).
  • A panel of three “judges” who sit around wearing headphones. Mostly these are some sort of former music directors, film personalities who are currently unemployed or have lost relevance.
  • A moron as an ‘anchor’ who keeps mouthing inane words of encouragement
  • Finally this is the most disgusting –  The audience. This mostly consists of the kids’ overweight parents who sit in the hot studio wearing their best. They are accompanied by neighbours, aunts, uncles, grandparents, the neighbourhood watchman, the dog and what-have-you.

Now the kid starts “singing”. This is mostly an old film number which the brat completely screws up – it sounds terrible. However once the kids is done, the judge(s) are usually appreciative, predicting what a great singer he would turn out to be in later life, whereas the parents indulgently look on.

This part is actually what is depressing. The audience – they seem so happy, so thrilled, so blissful. Take for instance, the kids dad. This is his life’s finest moment – a pinnacle of achievement when his progeny is on TV, bleating away.  He then goes back to his dead end job, informs his colleagues that his son/daughter will be on TV, basks in the momentary attention and feels on top of the world.

Get a life people, dont put your sons/daughters in dog and pony shows and think that its cool.

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