Stuck in a time warp

Ever read The Hindu ? Its a newspaper in India thats been around for a very long time. Very conservative, very old fashioned. Very suitable for anyone who’s say above 80 years old. In one word, the most crushingly boring paper you can ever read.  Allright, thats my opinion.

But, heres one major rant I have against the Hindu. They are stuck in a time warp. They have a city supplement called Metro Plus. Every other day theres an article about oh-how-glorious-it-would-be if everyone would stop writing emails and instead pick up a pen (fountain-pen) and paper and write reams of letters. And how great it was be in the days where we used to watch Doordarshan and there was no cable. And how great it was in the days where there were no mobile phones. You get the drift ?

These guys want to get back to the 60’s or maybe the 50’s.  It’s funny, the reporters routinely come up with stuff like this (almost every week) and these guys are what ? 25-30 years old. I dont believe it.  Come on you lazy idiots, stop bitching about how the old days were better. Get busy and start reporting about interesting stuff in Bangalore instead of dishing out the same bullshit every other week.

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